Strength derives from the challenges we encounter
Beauty lies in the strength that we display
Love is to act out of how the world may be
Not to simply act out of what is today

Fortitude provides the willingness to continue
Resiliency complements the struggle of the day
Hope is the recognition that goodness is enduring
In times when life has not gone our way

Patience accepts the flaws of others
Humility identifies those within ourselves
Character is constancy in doing what is right
A fight in a battle of what she controls

Time limits the course of every endeavor
Difficulty reaches even the highest place
Uncertainty of the future binds man and woman
Who look to each other to provide escape

Amidst this, life continues
As do we
A moment to be grateful
To have had this opportunity


From the Unknown Plan

A bout with love
The time has come
To battle

A fight with chance
The puppets dance
In shadows

A match with fate
The eternal debate
Is hallowed

A look in time
The paths intertwine

A scene in space
The children chase
In sorrow

A glimpse in faith
The sudden haste
To borrow
From the unknown plan

Old Jazz Singer

An old jazz singer
What did love bring her?

An empty song
For fame to walk upon?


Depends on what you set it to
A pounding bass
Gives desire’s chase
To see it’s mission through

Best felt by the set you’re playin’
Crashing cymbals
Resilience assembled
The truth, no matter what they’re sayin’

Brought about by rhythm’s ferocity
A resounding snare
Leads desperation’s despair
Pursuing integrity at high velocity

Packaged in the beat’s stability
A patient tom
Set to be beat upon
Producing the sound of its ability

Clairvoyant is the music’s clairty
A total kit
The drummer hits
Percussing parodies of verity


The rhythm of the dribbling
The sensations filling
The stands
Clapping hands

The rush through the net
The basketball just swept
The space
Grasping lace

The shouts of defense
The players can sense
The change
Driving Game

The hopes of one team
The desire is a dream
The win
Making men


Senseless shades
Cover Jade’s

Desire’s dales
Open trails

Flawless flaws
Mother’s pause

Shadows seem
Nightmare’s scenes

The Seasons

Yesterday’s dreams fade
A wolf in the summer shade
The music has been played

Tomorrow’s visions lost
A winter’s unrelenting frost
The frigid emotions cost
Much More

Today’s presence calls
A withered leaf, it falls
The significance of it all
In lore

Timeless birds, they sing
A tested tune of Spring
The notes of which do ring
And soar